Entering the Computer Science Concentration

If you are interested in concentrating in Computer Science, please look over the Fields of Concentration page and/or consult the the CS 50 Guide to Computer Science at Harvard.

Then please fill out a Plan of Study for the CS concentration. This will take only a few minutes and will be instructive even if you aren't sure what courses you should take or even if you really want to concentrate in the field. If you fill out the Plan of Study with the Fields of Concentration page open, you can easily see which courses count in which category. This webform is for our internal departmental bookkeeping. It is not the same as the Registrar's concentration declaration form, on which you must list both your concentration courses and your proposed Gen Ed courses, and then get my physical signature.

Once you have looked at the rules and have tried to fill out our departmental plan of study, come see me. I am in Maxwell Dworkin 243. If my door is open you can just stick your head in and see if I am busy. Or you can email me (email: sjg@cs.harvard.edu ) to set up a time.

When we meet we will discuss your plan of study, and once it is in order and you bring your filled-out Registrar's concentration declaration form, I will approve both and assign you an advisor from among the CS faculty. (I will try to honor preferences you may express, so it's fine to look at the list of CS faculty before you come in.) You then need to get your House dean to sign the Registrar's form too.